"Charlotte is the greatest master of knowledge I have ever met. This book will help business women remove their self imposed blocks and become as great as they are meant to be."
—Suze Orman, #1 New York Times bestselling author
I'd Rather Be in Charge

A Personal Message from Charlotte Beers

I am an ardent believer that women must forge their own paths to a deeper self-belief, because it is self-esteem that allows women to be persuasive and influential at work. As a woman who took a path of self discovery herself on the way to holding positions in the C-Suite, I felt I had to write I'd Rather Be in Charge. The reason? You women have no idea how much power you truly have.

Over my years in the workplace, I have discovered that relationships matter more than all of our dedication to getting the job done. Relationships that lead to more responsibility call for a different energy, emotional risks, and intestinal fiber. These qualities come from within, found in our own unique traits and behaviors.

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