I'd Rather Be in Charge

A Personal Message from Charlotte Beers

I am an ardent believer that women must forge their own paths to a deeper self-belief, because it is self-esteem that allows women to be persuasive and influential at work. As a woman who took a path of self discovery herself on the way to holding positions in the C-Suite, I felt I had to write I'd Rather Be in Charge. The reason? You women have no idea how much power you truly have.

Over my years in the workplace, I have discovered that relationships matter more than all of our dedication to getting the job done. Relationships that lead to more responsibility call for a different energy, emotional risks, and intestinal fiber. These qualities come from within, found in our own unique traits and behaviors.

Not until I developed a deeper knowledge of myself could I form the right kind of relationships at work. I learned to persuasively communicate all that I had to offer, and my own path led me to become CEO, Chairman, Undersecretary of State and now, Teacher—by far the best job I've ever had.

Now, as I speak to and teach groups around the world, women have consistently asked me "How did you do it?" I finally realized what they were really asking me was how could they do it.

When I found there were no books or training courses that addressed this issue, I knew a gap existed for women who work and I set out to fill it. I have seen that women can succeed today by not being afraid to present their greatest self to every audience. They are able to inspire, persuade, and lead in the workplace when they have braved a journey into deeper self-understanding.

I have helped many women in the U.S. and Europe navigate the all-man’s land that still rules so many roosts, teaching them how to unleash the right kind of passion to build satisfying relationships at work. In doing so, I promised myself I’d tell the truth about my own mistakes and victories, and act as a good witness for other women’s stories.

The women my workshops (which I call “The X Factor”) gave their own real life examples to the lessons in I’d Rather Be in Charge. These unvarnished tales from the front lines of modern business will help you—regardless of your industry or title—learn to unleash your personal power at work, and create the important relationships that will put you in charge. I’m on a mission to get you there. And now my students are on a mission too. I hope you’ll join us.

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